A1: Hard Headed - 4:44
A2: My Place Is Home - 5:11
A3: Broken Umbrellas - 4:36
A4: Show Me (One More Time) - 5:05
B1: Love Will Stop Calling - 4:33
B2: Another Place - 4:40
B3: No Excuses - 4:41
B4: Hold Me - 4:35

Dorian Harewood has had his dreams come true several times in his singing and acting career. He has sung on tour with the Four Tops, and he has had the opportunity to vocally jam on stage with Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight. On tv he has starred in many of series with Roots being the biggest. Even as a filmstar you could not have missed him as he played in Full Metal Jacket, The Falcon and the Snowman and Against All Odds among others. As a solo artist Dorian recorded two albums, Love will stop calling from 1988 and Have a little which was released in 2003. (this bio contains fragments of Mr. Harewood's bio from the official site )