A1: Album Version - 5:21 01: Strung Out On You - 4:12 A1: MPG Dedication Mix - 7:04 A1: Every Night, Every Day Mix - 6:25 A1: Matumba Club Mix - 8:01
B1: GOT THE RIGHT ATTITUDE 02: Got The Right Attitude - 6:07 A2: Radio Edit - 4:21 A2: Every Night, Every Day Edit - 4:00 A2: Radio Edit - 4:31
......Album Version - 6:06 03: Chasin´ A Dream - 5:23 A3: Instrumental - 3:49 A3: The All Night Jazz Mix - 3:10 A3: Dub - 5:11
  04: Ooh We Baby - 4:35 B1: GREAT FEELING B1: TEARS OF JOY B1: Black ManMix - 9:00
  05: Read My Mind - 4:53 ......Remixed Uptown - 4:07 ......Lp Track - 5:26 B2: ON THE HORIZON
  06: So Much In Love - 5:48 B2: Lp Version - 4:57 B2: THINK ABOUT YOU ...... Brother Tay's Mix - 5:18
  07: I Don´t Ever - 4:43 B3: Instrumental - 4:07 ......Davy & Jay's Mix - 4:08  
  08: Love Is... - 6:23      
  09: Thank You Father - 5:03      
  10: If Words Can Express - 3:50      


01: Blackman - 5:22 A1: Radio Mix - 4:15 01: Tempted - 4:41    
02: How Ya Livin´ - 4:57 A2: Joe "The Butcher" Mix - 4:07 02: Been A Long Time - 5:36    
03: Keep Movin´ On - 4:18 A2: Joe "The Butcher" Instr. - 4:07 03: Ecstatic - 4:07    
04: Save The Family - 5:10 B1: Classic Club 12" - 8:27 04: For The Sake Of Love - 4:51    
05: Heaven - 4:07 B1: Shadow Zone Vocal Dub - 5:37 05: Single And Lonely - 4:59    
06: Tears Of Joy - 5:30 B3: Shadow Zone Dub - 5:37 06: Still In Love - 6:17    
07: Think About You - 4:22   07: Love Is Forever - 4:16    
08: All The Time Lovin´ - 4:24   08: Romantically Inspired - 4:40    
09: Great Feeling - 4:56   09: Control Of Me - 5:42    
10: Do You Wanna Know - 5:26   10: Insane - 5:03    
11: Changes - 6:14   11: All I Ever Do - 5:45    
12: On The Horizon - 5:00   12: Love Of My Life - 5:19    
13: This One´s For James - 3:58   13: I Want You - 6:09    

Tashan is from Poughkeepsie, NY, a little place by the Hudson River in Upstate NY. Music was very much part of Tashan’s life from an early age. Already as a child, his mother ensured he participated in the local dance institute, hoping to stimulate his obvious talents. From time to time Tashan was taken out of school for various auditions in New York, with Tashan becoming part of a group called Estelle and Alphonse's Dance Studio, performing before live audiences.Tashan has been in the music business since the eighties. His first break back came in the early '80s when Jalil from the group Whodini asked Tashan to come with them to London and write a song called "Yours for a Night" on their debut album. Tashan travelled back and forth on the Metro north meeting with Russell Simmons at 1133 Broadway (Back in the day on the train...goin down to the city ......lookin for fame) playin demos he recorded with just him and a piano.His journey from that point on has been a "trip". The ups and downs, the chance to be heard on radio to be seen on tv, to travel the world, but most importantly an opportunity to do what he loves the most and that is write, record and perform songs. A song to Tashan is like a baby. A gift from God that you create nurture and share with the world. Well from then Kurtis Blow put Tashan on the first Fat Boys album (Can you feel it?) and Afrika Bambataa liked his track with Whodini. Tashan subsequently toured with the Zulu Nation as a part of Shango. Finally he got his own deal from Russell on Def Jam and recorded the first CD "Chasin a Dream". This project took a long time to record since it was Tashan’s first time really making a record but he realized that if you put your heart and soul into something with focus and sheer determination God and the universe will allow it to happen for you. His thanks go out to Heidi Smith,Bill Adler,Lisa Cortez,Big D,Lyor Cohen,and Rush Management in those days who supported Tashan through this project. A video was made from this album and Tashan was heared on the radio for the first time. Success was his and Tashan traveled as a result a lot in Europe on the "Soul Songs Tour" with Oran Juice Jones, Chuck Stanley, and Alyson Williams doing shows with just one band playin for all of us. As Tashan recalls: “I definitely felt like I was a part of the Motown revue like in the "Temptations" movie”. His second album was recorded for Original Black Records (OBR) which was the label designed for souful singers since Def Jam was the house of rap with friends Chuck and LLCool J. That album was a collection of songs about the world and the black family. "Black man" and "Save the family" videos from that album played on BET too. And Tashan even got the chance to do and interview with Donnie Simpson on his birthday. The next album was "For the Sake of Love" that was recorded in London, England. It was a live album with musicians and the London Symphony Orchestra. Tashan remembers: “Living overseas and making music was an experience I'll always cherish and never forget.” He then released his fourth mixtape style album "Life goez On" on Tashan’s own label PowerKingdom Music and Recordings as he no longer had a deal on a major label. The album was extremely well received by the UK soul crowd and has reached a very collectable status already.